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Green Refill Ink

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Refilling your AusPen reusable markers only takes a few seconds – less time than opening a package of new markers – and you can get right back to work.

Refill after each day or keep the bottle handy to recharge on the go.

Sold individually.


Businesses, universities, classrooms and many other settings use whiteboards, and everyone can benefit from having a green marker. Associated with money and positive outcomes, your use of a green marker makes an impact before you even finish your demonstration. A faint green marker can be very difficult to see, however, and may ruin the visibility of your presentation. If your green marker is fading or your clients or students are finding it hard to see, it’s time to fill it up again. Instead of replacing the marker and hunting around for a fresh pack, keep a refillable green ink bottle by your whiteboard and use a few drops to make your green marker fresh again. AusPen markers take only seconds to refill and the ink is brighter and bolder than other markers. Order a refill for your green whiteboard marker today from AusPen.

Sold individually.