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AusPen Markers are not the average disposable marker, they will change your life!

AusPen offers dry-erase markers similar to Expo markers but without the waste of disposable plastic. The reusable black dry-erase markers come in a pack of 12, giving you a full selection to outfit all your whiteboards. Plus, these high-quality and long-lasting markers are refillable, allowing you to save money – and the environment. Keep extra markers on hand to replace any that are lost or order a pack of 12 for every room in your classroom or workplace. The refillable dry-erase markers are easy to use and easy to refill and they last for years without ever breaking down, drying out or wearing down. Order 12 reusable black dry-erase markers today online or contact AusPen for more information.

Available in 2 different styles:

  • Bullet Nib
  • Chisel Nib

in single colour sets of 12

Purchase your ink refills here.

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