Carry Case - Bullet Nib

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This handy Carry Case set contains:

  • 6 Assorted whiteboard markers with Bullet nibs
  • 6 Refill Ink bottles
  • Refill spanner

Equivalent to approximately 480 whiteboard markers and zero landfill.

Also available in a Chisel Nib.

Invest now and save hundreds in the future...

Want to save hundreds on stationery this year?

6 Refillable Whiteboard Marker Pens and 6 Whiteboard Marker Ink Refills makes a pack equivalent of 180 whiteboard marker pens, or around 24c a whiteboard pen!

Assuming you paid even the ridiculously cheap price of $1 a whiteboard marker pen elsewhere, that's a saving of over 70%.

After various trials, we have established schools save on average 70% on their stationery and whiteboard marker costs after purchasing with AusPen. The best part of all?

Zero landfill.

This handy Carry Case set contains:

6 Assorted Whiteboard Markers with Bullet Nibs
6 Refill Ink bottles
Colour and refill spanner.

    Also available in a Chisel Nib.

    Buy now and save hundreds in the future...

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