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Green Refill Ink

Green Refill Ink

It’s so easy to refill your AusPen dry-erase whiteboard marker with this exceptional green dry erase marker refill ink. AusPen’s green dry erase marker ink refills will restore the perfect shade of green to your writing, and can refill the standard marker between 25 and 30 times, depending on how much you use your marker.

Refilling your AusPen reusable markers only takes a few seconds – less time than opening a package of new markers – and you can get right back to work.

Refill after each day or keep the bottle handy to recharge on the go.

Sold individually.

    This green refill ink eliminates the need to keep buying disposable dry erase markers, saving you and your organization valuable time and money. It only takes 25 to 30 drops of this green refill ink to make your AusPen dry erase marker write like new again. When your favorite dry erase marker runs out, don’t toss it, refill it! Order a bottle of green dry erase marker refill ink online today from AusPen for only $6.95.