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Red Refill Ink

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Refilling your AusPen reusable markers only takes a few seconds – less time than opening a package of new markers – and you can get right back to work.

Refill after each day or keep the bottle handy to recharge on the go.

Sold individually.

Red ink is designed to make a statement and AusPen red ink is made even brighter and bolder than other markers. To make a clear message, to make revisions or to show a negative correlation on a graph, sometimes you just need red ink. With AusPen red refill ink bottles, you can refill your whiteboard markers any time and keep your red marker ready to go. AusPen provides a number of refillable ink bottle packages, so you can purchase just the number that you need. Whether you use your red pen daily or infrequently, just one refill ink bottle can refill your marker up to 30 times. Save time, money and the environment by using refillable whiteboard markers and refill them when you need to with AusPen.

Sold individually.