6 Red Markers

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AusPen Markers are not the average disposable marker, they will change your life!

Conference rooms, offices, universities, classrooms and other establishments using dry-erase boards and markers accumulate millions of dead markers every year, all which end up in landfills. The plastic, felt and leftover ink that goes into these markers is simply thrown away, wasting materials and taking up space. AusPen provides a solution to this problem with refillable markers in every color. With a six pack of refillable red dry-erase markers, you can replace these wasteful disposable markers, save money and make a positive impact on the environment. Order a six pack of red dry-erase markers for yourself, your classroom or your entire school or business today from AusPen.

Available in 2 different styles:

  • Bullet Nib
  • Chisel Nib

in single colour sets of 6. 

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