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The cure for fuzzy tipped whiteboard markers everywhere.

Unlike regular whiteboard markers that have their nibs permanently attached to the barrel AusPen are built with reversible and replaceable nibs so that any sign of wear and tear is easily remedied with a fresh tip and splash of ink. These are the nibs!

Know the feeling of being stuck at the board with a dry marker tip? It’s all too familiar, we know. Having 20 Chisel or Bullet nibs handy ensures that you can refresh your markers on the go before class and avoid the frustration of trying to teach without anything solid to write with. They come in a handy little pouch that keeps them all together and fits easily in your pencil case or pocket.

Firm enough to write solid lines, but soft enough for them to adjust to your desired writing pressure. Reversible for use on both sides. So lightweight you’ll barely notice them stowed away in your Carry Case or Pencil Case. Replaceable and reversible nibs - genius!




Saves replacing 40 new markers per packet, reversible design for use on both sides before replacement, 4mm line writing wide, comes in Chisel or Bullet shape, lightweight and compact for easy storage, easy to remove and replace, no animal by products, no expiration date.