12 Green Markers

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Auspen Markers are made to last

Whiteboards eliminate the dust and mess of chalk and create a cleaner, clearer display, but they also create excessive waste through the use of disposable markers. AusPen eliminates this problem with a wide array of refillable whiteboard markers. With all types and colors available, you can easily find refillable dry-erase markers to replace your disposable markers. The eco-friendly green dry-erase markers are available in packs of 12 can be refilled with green ink at any time. This process is easy and safe, with virtually no risk of spills or stains. Order 12 new green whiteboard markers and green refillable ink bottles today from AusPen and never deal with throwing out dried up markers again.


Available in 1 style

  • Chisel Nib

in single colour sets of 12. 

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