12 Purple Markers

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AusPen Markers are not the average disposable marker, they will change your life!

Single-use products are among the top contributors to landfills and unnecessary waste. These products are also some of the most easy to replace with eco-friendly alternatives. AusPen provides refillable, eco-friendly markers in all colors and styles to help eliminate the waste associated with disposable markers. Writing and drawing exactly like Expo dry-erase markers but using a higher-quality, longer-lasting pen, the purple Expo-style markers from AusPen can be easily refilled at any time. AusPen provides ink refills online as well as replacement tips, so you can continue to use your refillable markers for years. Order a 12-pack of purple Expo-style dry-erase markers and you will never have to buy disposable markers again.

Available in 1 style

  • Chisel Nib

in single colour sets of 12

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