Eko staple-free Stapler

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The Eko staple-free stapler will neatly stitch your papers together without the need for staples! You don’t have to reload your stapler, pry out stuck staples, or worry about pinching your fingers when you have this innovative fastener. The unique design of the Eko stapler removes the need for staples completely, allowing you to securely attach papers in one simple motion. The Eko stapler cuts small strips of paper and uses them to stitch small bundles of pages together – as many as five pages at a time. Though the costs of staples on these small bundles may seem inconsequential at first, you can see the boxes building up over time. The Eko staple-free stapler removes these expenses, removes wasteful bits of throw-away metal and uses regular paper to stitch bundles together easily and reliably. Order the Eko staple-free stapler today from AusPen. 

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