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AusPen - The Refillable Whiteboard Marker

You’re in a classroom. You walk up to the board, excited to write out the lessons plans of the day or fulfill a math problem that has your class stumped. You reach for the nearest whiteboard marker, only to realize it’s run out of ink, reducing your excitement to a faint scribble.

You’re in a meeting. You are gearing up to inform colleagues about a stellar new slogan, and decide to write it out on the company whiteboard for “dramatic” effect. Instead, your marker is dry, leaving the slogan as a patchwork of faded ink blots.

How many times have we all experienced similar instances? Whether you’re a professor, CEO, student, art teacher or start-up aficionado, chances are you’ve come in contact with more than a few failing dry erase markers over the course of your life.

That’s where AusPen comes in. For the past 15 years, we’ve been manufacturing high-quality, refillable whiteboard markers on a global level. By bridging environmentally sustainable materials with a convenient design, AusPen has managed to corner the eco-stationery market, one dry erase marker at a time.

Our secret is longevity, and top quality products. Instead of running to the store to continually purchase expensive whiteboard markers, every AusPen product has been strategically designed with refills in mind. They’ll save you time and money — not to mention energy, which many of us expend too much of on a day-to-day basis.

So whether you’re in search of new dry erase markers or simple replacement nibs, AusPen can provide you with a long-term solution to most of your whiteboard woes. At the end of the day, our motto remains the same: penfill, not landfill. You can delight in knowing you’re helping the planet, while saving yourself precious time and funds.