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Five ways to use AusPen outside of the classroom.

Posted by Sabina McKenna on

While we love our refillable markers as an everyday classroom tool, and one of the only classroom tools that is eco-friendly and designed to last forever rather than ending up in landfill. We have known many people to love using them outside of the classroom as well. Sustainable organisations, bulk item stores and other stationery sellers have found new ways to use AusPen. Read on to see some tips inspired by them.

Reorganise your pantry

There really is nothing neater than looking at a fully stocked pantry with everything neatly organised in labelled jars. Dry erase markers wipe off clean from any non-porous surface, including glass, so you can easily write the contents of each jar on the outside. For brighter writing you can pop a small sheet of baking paper on the inside of the jar (don’t write anything on that though) and then write on the outside of the jar with your refillable whiteboard marker. 

Mirror to do list

Productivity hack! Writing a to do list or schedule on your mirror with AusPen. The great thing is that our refillable markers are low odour, so you can use them in any room. At the office we like to draw up a dated template that we can partially erase or update with tasks that we can cross out each week. At the end of the week we erase the insides (keeping the template), so we can start fresh. It keeps us accountable and also saves loads of paper! 

Fridge shopping list

There is nothing worse than getting to the supermarket only to forget the one thing that you really needed to get. Store a dry erase marker by the fridge and start a shopping list on the door so you can jot down exactly what you need when you need it. You can thank us later!

Storage containers

Last but not least - who would have thought a humble low odour whiteboard marker could make you the garage envy of every neighbour on your street! Get your storage containers organised with a simple dry erase label on the outside. Never again will you find yourself standing in a garage full of boxes with no idea what’s inside of them.

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