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A 6 marker and 6 ink set! For convenience, efficiency and all your teaching needs (in one place).

The AusPen Carry Case is a handy flatpack of 6 assorted markers (red, black, blue, green, purple and orange), that fits perfectly into your briefcase or laptop bag for easy access to your dry erase markers and matching refill inks anytime you need them.

With six fabulous refillable dry erase markers - one in each colour so you don’t have to play favourites - and six inks in the corresponding colours, this sleek kit has everything you need for a successful day in the classroom; markers adequately recharged and all. Each marker writes in bright bold pigment, 2mm wide for bullet and 4mm wide for chisel, and comes with a reversible nib for use on both sides and central reservoir ink sponge. Notice as soon as one marker or ink bottle is missing, with individual grooves inside to house each of the twelve items in this set (AusPens are hot property in the classroom).

This Carry Case set is essential when preparing to teach a full day classes, or when heading out to a conference or public speaking event and doubly essential for the evening after, when you need to refill and recharge all of your markers.

All writing tools needed in one central spot, your day at school becomes noticeably easier and work more efficient. No more time wasted at the board without a working whiteboard marker! All of your pens will be freshly refilled and securely capped - not lost or accidentally stepped on. It’s the ideal kit for any teaching or presenting occupation, and sensational for saving money on whiteboard marker replacements. A set of AusPens is for life.

This Product Includes:

6 Full Refill Inks in each colour (Orange, Red, Green, Purple, Black, Blue)

6 Refillable Bullet Tip Whiteboard Markers in each colour (Orange, Red, Green, Purple, Black, Blue)

Carry Case for storing all items

Spanner for easy opening markers barrel


Recyclable Plastic Case and refill ink bottles, Aluminium barrel, nylon nib and ink reservoir, ink (Ethanol and 2-Propanol, Pigment).


One refillable AusPen replaces 80 conventional (non-refillable whiteboard markers), fully recyclable in domestic facilities, low-odour, low-tox, no animal by-products, won’t pollute water ways, no expiration date. For a mad scientist description of the ingredient please email us at

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