3x2 Red, Black, Blue Markers

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Get the extra markers you need in the most commonly used colors with this double pack of six markers gives you two of each of the three most common colors – red, black and blue – and duplicates of each marker. Whether you want to replace a lost marker or need an extra marker for another whiteboard, this six-pack of refillable markers is the ideal choice. AusPen refillable markers will save you from the costs of repeatedly reordering disposable markers, as well as eliminating the inconvenience of dry markers on your whiteboard. Plus, they are better for the environment and will help your organization save on buying disposable markers each year. Order ink refills and extra nibs with your marker package and learn how convenient refillable markers are for yourself.

Colour choices include 2x:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue

Choose from Chisel Nib and Bullet Nib.

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