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Five fluffy ink reservoirs for replacing mushy, crystalised, clogged old ones.

Housed inside the barrel of all AusPen refillable whiteboard markers, these replacement reservoirs are the best way to revive dried out or worn out markers. Helping the ink flow freely through the barrel and out to the nib, these reservoirs allow adequate ink to pass through without dripping out or overflowing. Reversible for use on both ends, reservoirs only need replacing every 2-3 years with average use. Easily unscrew the barrel of your whiteboard marker and remove the nib case (be sure to protect the surface with something non porous before setting it down), take out the existing reservoir and discard (the plastic is recyclable separate to the nylon innards). Take a fresh one out and top it up with your ink of choice, before carefully popping it back into the barrel of the marker and screwing the lid back on.

Replacement reservoirs remove the need to toss out your whiteboard marker when the ink can no longer flow through. One pack of replacements covers you for five whole whiteboard markers, saving you money on replacing the whole thing and the inconvenience of having to continually order more markers every term.

Replacement reservoirs are recyclable in domestic recycling bins, just remember to separate the inside spongy part and discard in general waste.


Suitable for use in all AusPen whiteboard marker pens. Made from nylon and 100% vegan. Replaces five full markers and lasts for years before subsequent replacements are needed. Stored in a handy pouch that will fit neatly into your briefcase or pencil case. Saves money and precious teacher time!


Saves replacing 10 new markers per packet, and subsequent packs revive indefinitely. Reversible design for use on both sides before replacement, 4mm line writing wide, comes in Chisel or Bullet shape, lightweight and compact for easy storage, easy to remove and replace, no animal by products, no expiration date.