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AusPen Markers are not the average disposable marker, they will change your life!

Classrooms and offices contribute to literally tons of plastic and paper waste every year. The thick plastic and ink used in disposable markers are a large contributor to this waste, but this problem can be easily solved with AusPen. Their blue dry-erase markers are similar to Expo markers, but allow you to refill the ink to get a like-new pen without contributing to plastic waste. The refillable dry erase markers provide a positive step towards preserving the environment while also giving you a sturdier, higher quality and more affordable pen. Refilling the blue dry-erase markers costs a fraction of replacing disposable markers and is far better for the environment. Order a pack of 12 blue dry-erase markers today to add to your office, classroom or any other space.

Available in 2 different styles:

  • Bullet Nib
  • Chisel Nib

in single colour sets of 12

Purchase your ink refills here.

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