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Nail Your Presentations with AusPen

Posted by Kerrie Sharpley on

Pre-presentation jitters? Don’t worry, AusPen has you covered with our 6 top ideas to help you calm your nerves, and ace your presentation without a hiccup!


So you’ve probably been told your entire life that ‘practice makes perfect’, right? That may be true, but an over rehearsed speech can seem robotic and disingenuous- and can take away from the natural appeal of a less rigid presentation. Our advice is to practice a few times in front of family or friends to reduce the nerves, whilst making sure that your speech will sound honest and capture your audience!


Studies have shown that the use of different, vibrant colours when memorising text helps to strengthen the neural pathways in your brain- so the more colourful your notes, the easier it will be for you to remember important information vital to your speech. 

P.S. AusPen has a great range of bright colours *applause*.


We know, we know- who has the time or, let’s be honest, the patience to meditate? But all the research indicates that it really can help to reduce the physical symptoms of nervousness, and improve focus. That’s why, here at AusPen, we do what we like to call ‘Meda-fake-tion’. It’s actually called Mindfulness, takes 5 minutes, and has all the positive effects of an hour of meditation! Seriously, check it out- you’ll be blown away.


Gasp! No coffee? Yes, we said it. We may all be under the impression that coffee is the ultimate pick me up, and vital before a demanding presentation, but in truth caffeine can over-energise, and over excite the nervous system- leaving us jittery and scattered- hardly the mindset you want to be in when addressing your audience. If you want something to keep you awake and alert through the morning, make sure you eat a big breakfast packed full of low GI energy that is found in cereals and fresh fruit- the kind of energy that will last you through most of the day.


This one’s fairly straight forward- make sure that none of your gear will break down on you and leave you out of sorts and frazzled trying to fix it and get your presentation back on track. If using electronics, make sure that all batteries are brand new, and everything is charged and ready to go. Our pens are sure to last you, and by refilling the night before, you won’t have to worry about running out of ink. Plus, our pens are xylene-free, so they won’t give you a headache and you can stay focused and on task!


This may seem relatively simple, but we’ve all experienced good old cotton mouth in our lives. Wondering why? Nerves and anxiety can cause your mouth to stop producing saliva as a survival tactic (convenient in this day and age!) so be sure to have a water bottle on hand at all times- so you can speak free.


So there you have it, our top tips for beating presentation nerves. Good luck and love from AusPen!

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