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World Environment Day 2019

Posted by Sabina McKenna on

Celebrate World Environment Day

with AusPen

World Environment Day this year is about raising awareness for the issue of pollutants that contaminate our atmosphere. 

Landfill is one of the biggest contributors to air toxicity. As waste that is buried over in the ground decomposes it releases methane gas and Co2 into the atmosphere, which traps heat and causes global warming.

It also contaminates the soil and waterways as it slowly breaks down over time, remaining an ongoing problem for future generations. 

At AusPen we like to celebrate World Environment Day each year by rolling up our sleeves and getting involved... Here are five ways you can join us, and help #BeatAirPollution.

  1. Take the World Environment Day, Art of Change #MaskChallenge, and spread the message by decorating a mask like one of these ...

  2. Cook a delicious (and easy) plant-based meal for yourself and some friends.

  3. Walk, bike or take public transport to work one day this week.

  4. Get your green thumb out and plant an air purifying tree – good for indoors and outdoor air cleansing.

  5. Build a new habit: turn off appliances and lights at the powerpoint when not in use.

Our gift to you this World Environment Day: a 35% discount on all products for our AusPen community, to encourage the switch to refillable, reusable, recyclable AusPen.

Use code WED2019 between 12am 5 June and 12am 7 June to claim.

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