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New Carry Case In The Works

Posted by Sabina McKenna on

We have been working on a very exciting new design for the Carry Case. A few years in the works, this version will be made of a much more sustainable material: Bamboo.

Not to get you too excited – we still have a while to go – but the fourth iteration of this classroom staple will come in two sizes; one with four markers and inks, for those who prefer only a selection of colours; and the other with the original set of 6 markers and inks in each colour.

The bamboo case has been designed especially for the items to fit inside; as was the plastic case, many moons ago. And the lid has a neat laser print with refilling and recharging instructions. 

My favourite part about it is the ‘new car smell’ of fresh bamboo that wafts out when you open it - earthy.

We are very proud to be able to add another sustainable material to our collection that already features aluminium - the hero of all sustainable materials. For this article I wanted to tell you why we love Bamboo and Aluminium so much and why they are so great for the environment ...

Bamboo, the tree that’s stronger than steel

Bamboo is an incredible material for many reasons. It absorbs more than twice the carbon dioxide that other trees can, and simultaneously creates tonnes of oxygen.

It is one of the fastest growing trees and does extremely well when left alone, with very little water and without any kind of pesticide. In some countries, Bamboo is used to build scaffolding due to the extreme amount of weight it can hold.

Aluminium, an infinitely recyclable material like no other 

Both lightweight and flexible, aluminium is a versatile material that is very low impact to produce.

The aesthetic quality of Aluminium is what draws most to its benefits. The shiny, sparkling surface makes a pleasing addition to any colour or design. It is also an excellent heat and electricity conductor, and so has many uses across a broad range of industries. 

Aluminium can help to lower energy costs and emissions by feeding back into the production of new aluminium. In fact about 75% of aluminium ever made in all time is still in use today! And many cars are now being made with aluminium instead of metal, because it is lighter and therefore produces dramatically less carbon emissions when driving.

So there you have it, AusPen going from one superhero production material to two. We look forward to future developments that could lead us to more exciting renewable products. 

Stay tuned for updates about our new Bamboo Carry Case.

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